Bridge the Gap of Divide for the Family

Reclaim Family, Revitalize Community, and Restore the Biblical Mandate back to the Family

Virtuous Precepts for Prosperous Living is a faith-based organization which offers to the community and its families spiritual guidance and enrichment which leads to a well-balanced and rewarding life through proven precepts, principles, practical skills and solutions that have personal and spiritual benefits.
Virtuous Precepts for Prosperous Living is the outreach and evangelism subsidiary of Virtuous Life Ministries and a faith-based organization which provides municipal programs and services with a strong united presence and support to the communities and its families.

Virtuous Precepts for Prosperous Living endeavors to IMPACT lives through public service and empowerment while equipping communities with resources and knowledge to live flourishing lives.
Virtuous Precepts for Prosperous Living provides inspiration and solutions in a fun, safe, trusted, confidential, respectful, and unbiased environment conducive for learning and growing.
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