Rebound I.T. Mentoring

Program Mission
To Set a Pathway of Success and Accomplishments for all Teenage Boys
Youth Development
The Rebound It” Boys Mentoring  is a support community mentoring program for teenage boys that will provide:
  • Guidance
  • Instruction
  • Inspiration
  • Solutions
All support methods are provided in a fun, safe, trusted, confidential, respectful, and an unbiased environment conducive for learning.

Program Goal
The goal of the “Rebound It” Boys Mentoring Program is to empower middle and high school teenage boys in pursuing a path to personal productivity, success and to become conscious aware of the many opportunities available to them through social outlets, academic progress, leadership development, conflict resolution, and community presence, regardless of varying biases and stereotypes that may be noted because of their environment, economic status, and/or past choices within their lives and communities.

Youth-Adult Partnership

The Rebound It Boys Mentoring Group is a support community mentoring program for teenage boys that will provide guidance, instruction, fun, inspiration, and solutions in a safe, trusted, confidential, respectful, and unbiased environment conducive for learning.

The Mentoring Groups will bring together additional practitioners, business and community leaders from various sectors to work together in assisting teenage girls and boys on a path to personal productivity and success.  

Accountability to Citizenship and Family


  • Host Real Talk Mentoring Forums in varies areas throughout the month
  • Periodically Coordinate Educational Field Trips and Community Services Activities
  • Organize Annual Community Events in collaboration with and for families
Become a Mentor